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1 TELL ME MORE LEARN ENGLISH le Mar 18 Juil à 14:55


version 8--> instalation + all levels on 1DVD.
open the file with alcohol 120%, burn it if you want.

The Complete Method That Adapts To Your Needs
This Complete Course contains 3,600 exercises, organized in 35 different types of activities. This latest intelligent software version evaluates your progress as you learn, and uses your results to suggest the activities and exercises best suited to your needs. Whatever your objectives or level, TeLL me More adapts to your needs and guides you through the learning process, just as a teacher would.

It offers three alternative learning modes to help personalize your lessons:

The Dynamic Mode uses real-time performance analysis to tailor the learning process to your individual needs. Evaluating your progress as you work, it adjusts your activities based on the results of your previous exercises.
The Guided Mode offers a personalized lesson structure based on your own objectives and time constraints.
The Free-To-Roam Mode allows you to select the activities and workshops of your choice giving you the freedom to create your own lessons.
There are 750 hours of learning broken up into six Workshops (in the case of TeLL me More for English, a total of 750 hours are offered):
The Lesson Workshop organizes activities by topic.
The Grammar Workshop and the Vocabulary Workshop include sets of exercises linked to grammar rules, verb conjugations and key vocabulary words (classified by either topic or level).
The Cultural Workshop helps to improve your knowledge of the countries in which the language is spoken.
The Oral Workshop contains numerous dialogues and interactive videos focusing on both oral comprehension and expression.
The Written Workshop includes sets of exercises and designed to help you improve your written expression.

It has the latest technology to help you learn
State of the art speech recognition technology enables you to evaluate your pronunciation, and automatically detects and corrects your errors using the S.E.T.S technology (Spoken Error Tracking System).
3D animations illustrate the movements of lips and mouth to help improve your pronunciation.
A modern, user-friendly interface ensures effortless browsing.
2 hours of video activities included.

*Free headset with microphone included. :: 8,000-Word glossary :: Grammar and conjugation
Grammar rules and 700 conjugated words using simple,
animated explanations. :: Lesson report
A detailed account of your progress where you are able to play back your dialogues.
: Personalized learning paths
The Progress Chart and Diary organize your study by selecting activities and proposing a study plan corresponding to your level and objectives, as well as your schedule.

good luck.
Ou Ici

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