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Rosetta Stone French I et II

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1 Rosetta Stone French I et II le Mar 18 Juil à 21:53

Learn French! Rosetta Stone French I et II

Applications : Windows
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French I

The Rosetta Stone's Dynamic Immersion method works by simulating the natural language learning process we all experienced as children. No translation. No memorization. No drills or lists. With instruction exclusively in the target language, you start thinking in the new language from the very first lesson. The association of pictures, native speaker voices and texts allows you to master basic vocabulary quickly. And this in turn acts as a foundation on which to build words, phrases, sentences, and grammatical structures, still in the target language only.

Within each lesson, choose from a variety of different activities that concentrate on listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking or writing:
Dynamic Immersion teaches you to link speech directly with meaning. Match the spoken phrase and the image correctly and the meaning is clear. No translation or memorization. The words have meaning. The image has a name.
Reading comprehension parallels the comprehension of speech. The Rosetta Stone develops reading skills by presenting written text without spoken-language support. Match words to image and the computer verifies the meaning.
Speaking a new language is the learner's most rewarding challenge. Speech Recognition records your voice and plays it back for comparison with the voice of the native speaker. A graded meter quickly assesses your proficiency and a voiceprint analyzes your pronunciation in detail.
Dictation uses the computer to check your written work for accuracy. Click on the picture. Write what you hear. The program indicates errors and allows you to correct your work before you proceed.

Millions of users start the Rosetta Stone with no background in the new language. With Dynamic Immersion, they acquire everyday proficiency in all key language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking and writing. It's the natural way to learn. It works. And it works fast.
"Dynamic"--because digital technology and the teaching method powerfully engage the learner in an interactive learning process.

"Immersion"--because learners anywhere, from any language background, start at the very beginning and study exclusively in the new language. No translation. No memorization. No drills. Dynamic Immersion builds lesson upon lesson of precisely clear meanings, plainly understood.

Learn French! Rosetta Stone French I
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