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Panda Titanium Antivirus + ANTISPYWARE 2006

'Install and forget' protection
The new Titanium Antivirus 2006 keeps your computer safe from attacks from all types of viruses, worms and Trojans. For improved security, it incorporates the new and revolutionary TruPrevent Technologies, exclusive to Panda Software, which are especially designed to detect and block unknown viruses that are capable of spreading in just a few hours and can slip past traditional antivirus products.
It also includes anti-spyware and anti-dialer software along with firewall technology against hackers.
The ideal solution for users who need security combined with ease of use: it detects and resolves security holes, includes self-diagnosis and can reinforce itself against virus attacks. The most advanced security technology ensures maximum speed with minimum resource use.

Key Features
Automatic detection and elimination of all types of viruses
Titanium Antivirus 2006 automatically detects and eliminates all types of viruses while you send and receive e-mails, download files or work on the Internet. Thanks to the new SmartClean2 technology the antivirus will automatically repair damage to your operating system inflicted by viruses.

NEW! TruPrevent Technologies: additional protection against unknown viruses and intruders
To detect viruses, antiviruses need to have them registered in their Virus Signature Files, and this is why they need to be constantly updated. However, when a new virus appears, it can take a few hours to develop the vaccine to combat it.
The problem is that many latest generation viruses, such as Sasser, Netsky or MyDoom, spread almost instantly, infecting thousands of computers even if they have an antivirus installed. As this protection cannot be updated in time, they cannot identify the viruses because they do not have them "on file".
Traditional antivirus programs cannot protect against the growing risk of infection from this type of virus. However, for your peace of mind, Titanium Antivirus 2006 incorporates the new TruPrevent Technologies, which automatically detect and block unknown viruses and intruders, even before the antivirus has been updated.

NEW! Anti-spyware, anti-dialer and firewall technology against hackers Need more protection? The innovative firewall technology incorporated into Titanium Antivirus 2006 automatically blockers hacker attacks.
Titanium Antivirus 2006 will also protect you from other threats such as spyware (programs that snoop on users' Internet habits in order to send spam or steal confidential information), dialers (programs that redirect modem connections to high-rate toll numbers) and other security risks.

Immediate and automatic updates
Titanium Antivirus 2006 is automatically updated at least once a day* to protect you against viruses and other threats. The solution updates automatically while you are connected to the Internet, so you'll hardly even notice. Your PC and your information will always be protected.

* While most antivirus programs update against new viruses at intervals of between two and seven days, Titanium Antivirus 2006 updates at least once
a day

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